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Power auras

Odoslať  Port za Po 29 jún 2009 - 10:07

Vyborny addon pre ludi, co potrebuju aby im bolo "nieco" stale pripominane.

How to use :

1- Type /powa, to open the effect browser
2- Click on the button "New" to create a new effect
3- On the effect editor, you can choose the texture to apply to the effect, the position, the size, the symmetry, be creative Razz
4- Below, select the activator of the effect (like a buff, debuff, etc...)
5- Enter the name of the buff, debuff... just below (or a part of the buff, like "clear" for activation with the buff "clear cast"). Don't forget to read the tooltips for more help on ways to enter the names
6- It's ready ! Close all windows, when you gain the buff/debuff, the effect appears

You can easily add new textures by adding them in the "Custom" Directory,
or dropping sequentially numbered Auraxx.tga files in the Auras subfolder inside the addon directory.

Neskor doplnim preklad Razz

Uz len pridam, ze ja to pouzivam na upozornenie ked mi skonci CD na bubline a na rogune mi ukazuje 5 combo pointov. Da sa tam nastavit, nahodenie nejakeho buffu, debufu, skoncenie CD, atd.


Question: How many rogues does it take to gank a pally?
Answer: Two. One to attack him and another to wait for him at the inn.

Question: How does a rogue kill a paladin?
Answer: He pickpockets his hearthstone.

Počet príspevkov : 1994
Age : 35
Location : Zvolen-Nitra
Registration date : 17.03.2008

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